Distributor of exercise equipment used in the home and fitness.

Johnson health tech company, exercise equipment store and sell good quality fitness equipment that develops exercise machines with modern technology and designs johnson exercise machines to meet the needs of all types of exercise. johnson health tech company is committed to meeting the needs of those interested in using johnson exercise machines at home with fitness equipment. Or a variety of exercise equipment guaranteed by the quality product award from the United States. Germany and Taiwan

johnson health tech company is considered to be the top supplier of exercise equipment in Asia that has been in business for over 40 years to promote good physical health for people of all genders and ages. We are experts in the fitness equipment manufacturing and sales industry that are growing steadily. We are widely known as Thailand's leading treadmill, exercise equipment for the elderly. Shop selling electric massage chairs and many more.

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Johnson Health Tech Co.,Ltd.

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    JHT20 JOHNSON IBKE detail beauty lo angle back right 121020  lores

    Johnson @ Cycle

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    Promotion! Johnson@Mirror with stand

    Original price was: 56,800 ฿.Current price is: 55,900 ฿.
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    HZ23 HORIZON 5.0U upright hero lores scaled

    Horizon Upright Bike 5.0U (New product) Coming soon

    Original price was: 25,900 ฿.Current price is: 22,900 ฿.

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Johnson Health Tech Co.,Ltd. Presenting promotional products

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    Horizon Treadmill T202 SE Zwift!!

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    T101 27 00 11zon

    Horizon Treadmill T101 New Design!

    Original price was: 45,900 ฿.Current price is: 39,900 ฿.

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Johnson Health Tech Co.,Ltd. We offer fitness equipment products. A variety of types, along with the latest technology that will increase the efficiency of exercise even better. And reduce the accident rate in exercise. Meet every lifestyle of your life. For better health for you and your family Health Value Sharing

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Johnson health tech, a fitness equipment store with a variety of international brands

Another Johnson exercise machine that many people know is Horizon exercise equipment Headquartered in Taiwan, Johnson health tech manufactures and sells Horizon elliptical machines, exercise bikes and spin bike horizon, a home gym exercise machine. very popular because it has a variety of functions Suitable for those who are beginning to exercise well.

Johnson not only sells Horizon fitness equipment, but also Matrix exercise equipment, which has been launched since 2001. Matrix exercise equipment is considered the premium level of Johnson exercise equipment. in the form of cardio that emphasizes strength and has an elegant design To be suitable for use in the fitness center luxury health resort or even an athletic training institution Not only that We have also developed additional fitness equipment suitable for exercising at home.


Johnson health tech Premium electric massage chair store

Johnson health tech isn't just a manufacturer and distributor of exercise equipment. but also started a group of health products Great quality electric massage chair Including a foot massager, a neck massager that collaborates with famous brands such as Panasonic and Fujiiryoki that are creatively designed to meet the needs of most applications. Until receiving the IF Design Award in 2017


New innovative product by Johnson Health Tech

The development of products for everyone's health does not stop at Johnson's fitness equipment only. We also recommend smart fitness mirror who will be your personal trainer at home Experience a whole new way of working out with a professional coach through Johnson@mirror.

Have fun with healthy classes like yoga, cardio and more for all ages. from the world's leading fitness studios that can be installed on the wall of the house or can be set on the floor Just follow the instructions and start observing the changes in your body and your health.


Why choose Johnson exercise equipment?

Johnson health tech, a company that sells exercise equipment Guaranteed with the Best Buy award from health lovers around the world. Because it is a world-class quality exercise machine. strong and durable There is continuous improvement in product quality with modern technology. To get fitness exercise equipment that has complete functionality Suitable for all genders and ages.

And if anyone is interested in buying Johnson exercise equipment to suit themselves But still not sure what type of fitness equipment to use at home? Johnson health tech has experts who can advise on the right equipment to buy. In addition, customers are also able to try out the exercise equipment by themselves before making a purchase decision. Johnson has more than 70 branches across Thailand. Customers can visit the property on the page. “Find Shop” from the menu tab. Customers who come to use the service with Johnson will receive after-sales service for all customers. Delivery service and product introduction in detail

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