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The Johnson Health Tech family includes a variety of fitness and health brands. Available across all leading sales channels and markets around the world, whether you are building a small home gym or or set up a large modern fitness center or increase the quality of life with health products We provide solutions for every fitness level, budget and lifestyle.


As a premium global brand dedicated to meeting the needs of exercisers at home and in the club, Matrix transforms the workout experience with flexible performance. The design looks stylish. advanced functionality specific exercise program Including outstanding durability despite heavy use from many users over the years


Vision, a brand that takes into account versatility and value. Catering to specialty retailers and vertical markets such as hotels, homes and apartments. By offering popular cardio equipment that's suitable for any space and budget.


Horizon produces home fitness equipment. It's designed to help people around the world reach their health goals. Whether you are a beginner or just starting your journey to good health. or training to prepare for the next big event


Tempo Fitness is a vibrant and optimistic brand. It offers a new generation of urbanites the opportunity to experience fun and energetic exercise at an affordable price.