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Johnson Health Tech is Asia's No.1 fitness equipment manufacturer.

Johnson Health Tech co.,Ltd. The answer to every exercise for more than 40 years and is committed to developing the most effective exercise equipment technology. To meet the needs of various users with full efficiency both in Fitness and at home, guaranteed by best-selling products and quality products from the United States, Germany and Taiwan.



We are committed to providing products that promote good health and wellness.


We create solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership.


Achieve growth and profit goals It is shared with customers, employees, shareholders and communities.


We strive to act respectfully and honestly.


We believe that lifelong learning creates a culture of continuous improvement.


We recognize that our success depends on optimism and a "can do" attitude.

Building a Fitness Equipment Company

The Johnson Health Tech story began in 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan. It was there that Peter Lo founded Johnson Metals. He acquired Ivanko as his first customer by writing letters to hundreds of companies offering manufacturing services. Our humble beginnings quickly led to over two decades of aggressive investment and growth. In the meantime, Johnson became a top supplier for industry-leading fitness equipment companies. Early clients include Ivanko, Ross. , Trek and many others.

early era
  • while you peter Lo established his own business. An American company is looking to support production overseas. Lo wants to bring his talents to business around the world. And the nearby Mount Xueshan sparked his thoughts. The name, previously pronounced "Sha Shen," sounds similar to "Johnson," which Lo knows is common in Europe and North America. He likes that the names seem to match. So he named the company Johnson Metals.
first foundry
  • The company's first foundry was located in the same location as the current Johnson Health Tech plant in Taichung, Taiwan. The foundry was responsible for the early production of custom weight plates.
  • The Johnson logo includes both the Johnson name and a graphic depicting Xueshan Mountain near the Taichung City Headquarters. Taiwan
Ivanko's Barbell
  • These sketches are the first barbell plates made by Johnson Metals. but you peter The world takes orders He cast plates in a small foundry and used his house for detailing work. For a while, he used the living room in the house as a paint shop.
Lo family
  • Founder Peter Lo with wife Cindy and children May, Jason and Theresa.

Brand development and globalization

As Johnson Health Tech grew, the company evolved from an original equipment manufacturer and designer into a full-service fitness powerhouse. by owning the production distribution and sales at every step When the base is better to control cost and quality. We began to lead in market share across all channels and regions by offering value to our customers.

Global expansion

  • As Johnson Health Tech began to develop and develop its own brand, The company also pursued an aggressive expansion strategy. The company eventually established wholly owned subsidiaries in nearly 30 countries and a network of dealers expanding globally.

From Trek to Vision

  • In 1995, Johnson Health Tech acquired equipment and patented Trek Fitness, a line of exercise equipment from the cycling giant. which is based in the state of Wisconsin Rebranded as Vision Fitness, this joint venture opens up a new era of ownership and development of the Johnson Health Tech brand.

Committed to pursuing new horizons

  • Johnson Health Tech founded Horizon Fitness in 1998 with the goal of transforming the home workout experience. with this new offer Fitness enthusiasts of all types can find the perfect equipment to achieve their individual goals. Of course, the equipment had to fit their bodies. Today, Horizon continues to drive evolution in fitness and wellness with its award-winning products.

Market Leadership and the Future of Fitness

Today, we continue to drive the evolution of fitness and wellness with our award-winning products. We focus on technology and product enhancements that enhance the user experience. We transform fitness with traditional group fitness products. and specific programs designed to maintain and enhance health throughout all life stages. Although we aspire to be the largest fitness and wellness company in the world. But we never forget the vision and values ​​that started us and made us great.

leader in manufacturing

As a premium global brand dedicated to meeting the needs of exercisers at home and in the club, Matrix transforms the workout experience with flexible performance. The design looks stylish. advanced functionality specific exercise program Including outstanding durability despite heavy use from many users over the years

Industry Leading Product Range

Matrix was launched in 2001 to introduce premium fitness equipment to the market. Through cross-cultural collaboration, Matrix now offers a complete portfolio of cardio, resistance equipment and group exercise equipment for health clubs, luxury resorts and college sports teams. It's also club-quality, reinvented for home use.

ideals of good health

In 2006, Johnson Health Tech opened a specialty health division. To help people live together more comfortably since launch The health department's product portfolio expands. It consists of a massage chair and various accessories, including a massage cushion. Foot massagers, neck massagers, and more. We've partnered with some of the most prestigious brands in the business, including Panasonic and Fujiiryoki, and in 2017, the Johnson-developed foot massager won the IF Design Award.

The Matrix never stops progressing.

In 2008, despite the shrinking global economy, Johnson Health Tech invested heavily in replenishing the Matrix portfolio, developing new products. special partnership and acquiring brands, including Magnum, a resistance equipment manufacturer based in Milwaukee. It helped expand the product portfolio from 56 items in 2007 to 129 items in 2012 to an industry-leading 400 items in 2015.

retail store expansion

As the world's number one retailer of specialty fitness equipment, Johnson, with retail owners in Asia, Europe and the Americas, keeps the company close to its customers on a daily basis.