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FAQs Frequently asked questions about Johnson Health Tech Thailand

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Johnson is a global manufacturer of fitness equipment. Our company has received CE safety certification and the BEST BUY award from America for more than 20 times and German Test Winner Award. This moment, we are Asia's No. 1 largest company and the 3rd world and distribute products to over 75 countries around the world. We are the only one in Taiwan that entered the stock exchange.

In the market of exercise machines most of brands focus on domestic market or be a distributor from others. But Johnson is different. We have our own research and development team which are including more than 200 researchers. Also, Johnson is included disribution, repairing, and after service itself as we have more than 70 countries were distributed around the world. This year, more than 268 new products have been designed and won many international certifications, such as Taiwan's ISO, GS certificate of Japan Safety Association. In addition, products from the Vision brand have been awarded Best Buy in America for more than 20 consecutive times. Horizon brands have received Test Winner from FitFor Fun magazine of German, therefore you can trust in our product in quality and performance and unique!

Just like a running shoe, a treadmill with our unique three-zone cushioning system offers the ideal amount of flex and support in all phases of the user’s stride.

To using our product for 1 hour, the electric will be use approximately 1100 WAT, if 2 hours per day willbe 66000 WATTS of power which is equal 66 units as using heater. In addition, our products have smart energy-savingdevice. When the machine is idle for 15 minutes, it can automatically enter the sleep device. Under this mode, the energy consumption is less than 0.5W. It can reduce the standby power output by more than90% smart,energy-saving and environment friendly.

If you are exercise beginner, you can try exercise with 333. This is the formula that explian the intensity of exercise by each level. Low level - try to exercise 3 times per week, no need to specify the time or heartbeat rate. Middle level - do exercise 3 times /week, 30 minutes / time Advanced level - do exercise 3 times / week, 30 minutes / time and try to beat your heartrate at least 130 per minute (this one is depend on each exerciser) Try this and see how it works!

Elders physical ablity is the priority one that must be concerned when choosing fitness equipment for them. We can advise as if elders have waist problems, we recommend to choose some kind like recumbent bike to protect them from any bumping accidents. If your elders are still can walk well, you can use treadmill, but we suggest them to do only fast-walking with low speed. The harder one is elliptical machince which we would like to recommend for those elders who still active and have no physical concern. This kind of equipment can help elders to develop musle and increase more strength. If you would like to here our advise, please feel free to call us 02-751-9360.

We recommend following this : Treadmill - user must be 12 years old or above Elliptical - user must be at least 150 cm tall. Bikes - this is the safest fitness equipment for children as the seat can be adjust.

Johnson is the only company that provides 2 years warranty, 10 years motor (only for Horizon, other brands 5 years) including wear parts and guarantee for repair throughout the lifetime if damanges are not cause by people.