The best treadmill home fitness equipment at every price point.

The home treadmills that we carry are manufacturered by the best brands in fitness, as several of these manufacturers are trusted by some of the largest health-clubs throughout the country, and even the world – bringing that club-quality machine into the comfort of your own home.

  • Horizon Treadmill TR5.0 Zwift!!

    22,900 ฿
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  • Horizon Treadmill TR3.0 Zwift!!

    13,900 ฿
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    19,900 ฿
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  • Tempo Treadmill T82

    22,900 ฿
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  • Horizon Treadmill T101 New Design!

    35,900 ฿
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  • Horizon Treadmill T202 SE Zwift!!

    39,900 ฿
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  • Horizon Treadmill 7.0AT Zwift!!

    45,900 ฿
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  • Horizon Treadmill Omega Z NEW COLOUR

    45,900 ฿
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  • Horizon Treadmill 7.4AT Zwift !!

    65,900 ฿
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  • Matrix Treadmill TF30XR

    89,900 ฿
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  • Matrix Treadmill TF50 XR

    111,900 ฿
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  • Matrix Treadmill TF50 XUR

    149,000 ฿
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  • Matrix Treadmill TF30 XIR

    139,500 ฿
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  • Matrix Treadmill TF50 XIR

    149,500 ฿
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What we should know before buying a treadmill by Johnson Treadmill

Many people may have a question: Is it worth buying a treadmill to exercise at home? What are the benefits of an electric treadmill? Of course, the benefits of a treadmill are numerous and well worth it. Because if anyone has the goal of losing weight at home quickly and what it is. Treadmill or jogging machine or Elliptical trainer It is something that will help you achieve your goals in a short time. And especially if anyone likes to walk and exercise. or jogging You should definitely have an electric treadmill at home.

Walking or running on a treadmill burns a lot of calories. Adjust the condition of the heartbeat well. and also helps to lighten the weight of the knees It’s also very suitable for people who have little time to exercise. Just a few short minutes on the treadmill can be an effective workout. For anyone who is considering buying a running machine or treadmill, Johnson has some suggestions for choosing an electric treadmill. for more value

1. Size and weight of the treadmill frame

As a rule of thumb, the treadmill should weigh more than the user. And if you buy a machine that is lighter than yourself It might be a vibration. feel insecure This causes machine parts to wear out faster and shorten the life of the treadmill. Therefore, the first thing that you must consider before buying is The weight and size of the treadmill must be greater or larger than the user. And how many horse power should a treadmill have?

2. Quality of electric treadmill

Some people may be looking for a cheap treadmill. Which of course cheap treadmill It usually doesn’t last long and isn’t durable. What we have to look at is Product warranty If treadmill spare parts are guaranteed to last a long time without any problems, then it means that the product is of reasonably good quality. The high-quality treadmills found in most gyms come with a 5- to 10-year warranty. It is important to consider how much a treadmill costs. will be high and low according to the quality assurance of the product

3. It can help reduce shock.

Most treadmills in gyms today are designed to reduce shock. Therefore, before buying a home treadmill You need to test run on several models of treadmills, such as Matrix treadmills, Johnson treadmills, or Johnson Horizon treadmills, etc. first to make them most suitable for your running style. Because each brand is designed differently in terms of cushioning.

4. Functions of use

Buyers must first explore their needs for using the treadmill. If you want to lose weight You should choose a treadmill that has functions to help you lose weight. Or some people may just need light exercise to strengthen their heart muscles. You must also consider the function that can monitor your heart rate. The price of an electric treadmill will vary according to the number of functions it uses.

5. Treadmill maintenance

The treadmill is considered to be the most heavily used treadmill in the gym. Because it has to deal with the pulling force of different users. Must withstand a lot of friction Regular maintenance is therefore required, such as adding lubricant to the surface and treadmill belt. For example, treadmills need to be taken care of 1-3 times a year, but some premium treadmills have technology to take care of themselves. It will be labeled. No need to maintain the machine

6. Have fun

Here’s another thing you’ll want to consider. Because if you are a person who doesn’t like running or walking, running machines or electric treadmills It might not be worth it to you. Because exercise has good results then. Users must have fun and have a good experience using it. You should also enjoy exercising with a home treadmill.

For treadmills, Johnson health tech has many models of treadmills to choose from, including Johnson treadmills, Matrix treadmills. The Johnson electric treadmill and Matrix treadmill are fitness grade treadmills, fitness treadmills for use in the home. very well


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