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Three functions of happiness! Small furniture shape foot, leg and waist massage machine
1. Leg massage machine
. Foot and Leg Happiness Massage
Full foot reflex area foot massage, gentle calf air pressure massage
. Triple Foot Roller
1. Shiatsu Calf Roller – Kneading the calf
2. Foot Gua Sha Shiatsu – Foot Curve
3. Full Foot Shiatsu Roller – Larger coverage area
. The double airbags on both sides of the feet and legs are gently grasped and pressed
. Vibration, warm auxiliary function, release deep pressure
. Removable and washable foot cloth cover design
. The bottom support frame is convenient for the use of chairs at different angles.

Second, the wireless massage cover lumbar massage
. Lithium battery charging 2600mA long-lasting endurance
Take it with you and use it anywhere
. Can be placed on the legs, lumbar vertebra warm massage
. It is usually used as a cover when not in use, and dust enters the massage machine.

3. Chair and stool shape
. Elegant and fashionable appearance and perfect integration of home decoration
. Friends are not afraid to come to the house temporarily
. Exquisite and compact body
, grooved handle design on both sides, easy storage
Size W46.1XH47.4XL47.6 cm
Weight 14.3 kg
. The recommended load is within 100kg
* If the bottom support frame is used, do not use it as a chair

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Johnson Treadmill Mat

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