Horizon Treadmill T202


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Discover Powerful performance with amazing technology.

  • Advanced Bluetooth connects to multiple devices to listen to music through integrated speakers
  • Easy to use: One touch keys, allows to shift speed and incline
  • Easy to store with compact folding
  • Free app available to control your workout
  • Three-zone cushioning for the ideal amount of flex and support


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Horizon Treadmill T202 Powerful performance with amazing technology.

At Horizon Fitness, we make exercise equipment for real people and real life. We’ll help you choose the perfect piece for your unique goals, making sure it fits your body as well as it fits your space and schedule. No matter what you bring home, you can count on us to deliver the high-performance, durable equipment you need to pursue your goals, day after day for years. Find out what makes our exercise equipment unlike anything else on the home fitness market — and just right for your unique needs

Horizon Treadmill 202 Features: This straightforward treadmill offers 43 programs, an impressive motor and a clean and simple design. Looking to spoil your partner with a running machine or buying a home treadmill for yourself? The Horizon T202 is a good choice. One of the best features on this home treadmill is the easy to use One-touch speed and incline buttons. Anyone that has struggled with a “plus” button that you have to press over and over again to get to your right speed will agree that these one-touch buttons add immensely to your running experience. The one touch buttons on the treadmills also make it easy to do your own HIIT Training sprints, which is a popular workout that runners do on home treadmills.


If you are looking for a quality home treadmill to walk or jog on, this treadmill is the perfect choice, offering 43 programs you are sure to meet your running goals in no time. If you are looking to start training, the Horizon T202 includes a strong motor with programs to keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. Looking to replace your current treadmill? The T202 offers quality and value for money that is second to none.

Treadmill Motor Speed ​​(RPM) Comparison Table Johnson’s professionally developed high-performance motors can achieve considerable horsepower output at lower speeds compared with other international brands Therefore, the product has a longer service life and lower noise value.

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