Johnson Health Tech is a worldwide fitness,wellness,and health leader.

Johnson Health Tech is honored to be consistently recognized by esteemed industry leaders and organizations. We have received numerous awards for every stage of our manufacturing process, from product development and management to technical design and retail partnerships.


Award of the year 2017 to 2022


Fitness Professor

2022 Best Buy, Best Indoor Cycle, GR3

Fitness Professor, Best Buy, Best Treadmill

Horizon 7.0AT

Gold, Taiwan Excellence

Performance Plus Treadmill

Good Design Award

2020 @Mirror and @Cycle

Plus X Award

CirC Compact Massage Chair

World Gym Vendor of the Year

Matrix Brand

Plus X Best Product of the Year Award

CirC Compact Massage Chair

  • Gold, Taiwan Excellent, Performance Plus Treadmill
  • Fitness Professor, Best Buy, U50XUR
  • Fitness Professor, Best Buy, Best Treadmill, 7.0AT
  • Fitness Professor, Best Buy, Best Elliptical, EX59
  • Fitness Professor, Best Buy, Best Indoor Cycle, GR3

  • Plus X Award, Best Brand of the Year, Horizon brand
  • Plus X Award, Best Product of the Year, GR7 Indoor Cycle, Paragon X
  • Fitness Professor, Best Buy, Best Upright, U50XUR
  • Plus X Award, Best Buy, Matrix Brand

  • 28th Taiwan Excellent, Matrix CXP, Paragon X, Matrix R3xm, Matrix C50
  • 2020 German Design Award, Horizon GR7
  • ICCSO, International Service Excellent Award Transformation
  • Greek Fitness award, Best Professional Gym Equipment: Gold, Matrix brand
  • Greek Fitness award, Best Home Gym Equipment: Gold, Matrix brand
  • Greek Fitness award, Best Functional Gym Equipment: Silver, Connexus Functional Trainer System
  • Good Design Award, @Mirror, @Cycle

    • Europe Innovation Plus X Award, Matrix Connected Solutions
    • Europe Plus X Award, High Quality, Design, Ease of use and ergonomics, Synca CirC
    • Europe Plus X Award, Synca

    • Good Design Award, S-Force Performance Trainer, Japan Institute for Design Promotion
    • 2018 Vendor of the Year, Matrix Brand, Gold's Gym
    • German Design Award, Matrix Retail U50 Upright Bike
    • Taiwan Excellence Award (Silver), Matrix Retail U50 Upright Bike
    • Body-LIFE Award, Matrix Functional Training
    • Highest Customer Satisfaction Award, Matrix Brand, Plus X
    • TaiSPO All Stars Innovation Stage of Merit, Horizon Citta TT5.0 Treadmill
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Horizon Citta TT5.0 Treadmill
    • ISPO Gold Award, Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer, ISPO

    • Good Design Award, Matrix Retail Brand, The Chicago Anthenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
    • Most Innovative Brand Award, Matrix Fitness, Plus X
    • Star Award (Silver), Matrix Rower, Tophotel Magazine
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, S-Drive Performance Trainer
    • Innovation Award, S-Drive Performance Trainer, Body-LIFE
    • Vendor of the Year, Matrix Fitness, Gold's Gym
    • Excellent Rating, Horizon Comfort Ri Recumbent Bike, ETM TestMagazin (DE)
    • Plus X Award, S-Drive Performance Trainer
    • ISPO Gold Award, Matrix Rower
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Matrix Rower
    • TaiSPO Innovational Excellence Award, S-Drive Performance Trainer
    • Excellent Rating, Horizon Comfort 7i Upright Bike, ETM TestMagazin (DE)

    • Brand of the Year, Matrix Fitness, Fitness Professor
    • Best Buy, Full Line Commercial Cardio, Matrix Fitness, Fitness Professor
    • 10 Best Buy Awards, Matrix Retail, Fitness Professor
    • German Design Award Special Mention, Matrix Rower
    • Good Design Award, Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer, Japan Institute for Design Promotion
    • Good Design Award, Matrix Rower, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
    • Good Rating, Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill, ETM Testmagazin (DE)
    • Good Rating, Horizon Paragon 8E Treadmill, ETM Testmagazin (DE)
    • Excellent Rating, Horizon Oxford 5 Rower, ETM Testmagazin (DE)
    • ISPO Gold Award, Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer
    • Plus X Award, Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill
    • Vendor of the Year, Matrix Fitness, Gold's Gym
    • TaiSPO Stage of Excellence, Matrix Connexus
    • TaiSPO Stage of Excellence, Horizon Andes 7i Elliptical
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Matrix Connexus
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Horizon Andes 7i Elliptical
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Horizon Adventure 7 Treadmill

    • Excellent Rating, Horizon Comfort 8i Bike, ETM Testmagazin (DE)
    • Excellent Rating, Horizon Elite T4000 Treadmill, ETM Testmagazin (DE)
    • Good Rating, Horizon Andes 3 Elliptical, ETM Testmagazin (DE)
    • Best Buy, Horizon T101 Treadmill, Fitness Professor
    • Best Buy, Horizon EX-59 Elliptical, Fitness Professor
    • Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, Matrix T7xi Treadmill
    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Johnson 8.0T
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Matrix U5x Upright Bike
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Matrix Versa VS-S53 Abdominal
    • Taiwan Excellence Award, Horizon Comfort Bike Series
    • Top Tech Pick, Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill, Good Housekeeping Research Institute
    • TaiSPO Excellence Award, Matrix T7xi Treadmill

    • Best Buy, Full Commercial Equipment, Matrix Fitness Fitness Professor
    • Best Buy, Sporting Goods (Cardio), Horizon Fitness, Fitness Professor
    • Top 50 Consumer Goods Brand, Horizon Fitness, SAZ Sport (DE)
    • TaiSPO Excellence Award, Matrix C7xe Climbmill
    • TaiSPO Excellence Award, Johnson 8.0T Passport Treadmill
    • Excellent Brand Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • High Technology Corporation, Johnson Health Tech (Shanghai)

    • Vision Fitness earned over 50 Best Buy awards since 1995
    • Vendor of the Year, Johnson Health Tech, World Gym Taiwan
    • Best Buy, Sporting Goods (Cardio), Horizon Fitness, Fitness Professor

    • High Technology Corporation, Johnson Health Tech (Shanghai)
    • Excellent Brand Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • Vendor of the Year, Matrix Fitness, Gold's Gym International

    • Top 20 Global Brands Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • Top 100 Taiwan Brands, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • Johnson Health Tech honored with Taiwan's Innovation Corp title
    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Matrix Fitness G7-S23 Shoulder Press

    • IDEA Award, Matrix Fitness G7 Strength Equipment, Industrial Society of America
    • Vendor of the Year, Horizon Fitness, Play It Again Sports

    • Vendor of the Year, Matrix Fitness, Gold's Gym International
    • Top Gear of the Year, Vision Fitness S7100 Suspension Elliptical Trainer,
    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Matrix T7xe Treadmill and FT300 Functional Trainer
    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Matrix FT300 Functional Trainer
    • Top 20 Global Brands Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • IDEA Award, Matrix Fitness T7xe Treadmill, Industrial Society of America
    • Symbol of Excellence Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)

    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Vision Fitness S7200HRT Suspension Trainer
    • Top 20 Global Brands Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • Associate Member of the Year, Matrix Fitness, International Health, Racquet Sportsclub Association (IHRSA)
    • Top Gear of the Year, Vision Fitness S7200HRT Suspension Elliptical Trainer,
    • Top Selling Elliptical Treadmills and Stationary Cycles, Vision Fitness, SNEWS magazine
    • Healthiest Fitness Award, AFG 2.0AS Home Gym, Health Magazine

    • Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, Horizon Fitness Evolve Treadmill
    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Matrix Fitness A5x Ascent Trainer
    • Top 10 Global Brands Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • Best Supplier in the Business, Vision Fitness Top Selling Stationary Cycles, SNEWS magazine
    • Best Buy, Horizon Fitness Elite Series 5.2 Treadmill,
    • Horizon Fitness received 5 Best Buy and Very Good Ratings for treadmill and elliptical product lines

    • Overall Excellence Award, Vision Fitness, Microsoft Dynamics
    • Pinnacle Award, Vision Fitness, Microsoft Dynamics
    • Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Matrix H5x Hybrid Bike
    • Excellent Brand Award, Johnson Health Tech (TW)
    • Best Supplier in the Business, Vision Fitness, Gear Trends
    • Asia Best Under a Billion, Johnson Health Tech, Forbes Magazine

    • Top Selling Elliptical Treadmills and Stationary Cycles, Vision Fitness, SNEWS magazine
    Taiwan Excellence, Silver , 2021

    Mirror farewell to the limitations of traditional fitness equipment, cross-border integration of digital video, furniture, fitness, AI artificial intelligence technology and online video streaming technology, integration of competition, entertainment, community and other functions, breaking the limitations of time and space, allowing users to use Users can enjoy the experience of quality fitness courses at home, creating various possibilities for smart fitness at home. 1. AI smart coach: Using 3D ToF (Time of Flight) dynamic image sensing technology combined with AI artificial learning algorithm database, it can analyze and compare the movement of users and coaches in real time, combined with graphical digital prompts and real-time text guidance, Real-time guarantee of standardized training movements, providing more effective fitness training results, and meeting the needs of having a professional coach at home. 2. 24-hour on-demand courses: Hundreds of different fitness trainings can be carried out, different themes and a series of fitness training lists are provided, and relevant fitness courses are actively recommended according to user preferences to help users quickly formulate exercise plans; Live broadcast courses You can interact and guide with star coaches from all over the world, and online PK with friends from all over the world. The experience is like a group training course in the gym, but is not restricted by the region. 3. Virtual and real community interaction incentives: You can invite friends online for one-on-one videos, perform the same fitness training with your friends, and talk to each other to motivate each other at the same time; or create private community courses and invite friends from all walks of life to participate in online training challenges. Race, watch your friends' leaderboard rankings and encourage each other to fully experience the fun of fitness.

    Plus X Award: Most Innovative Brand, 2017

    “Plus X Award” has a team of 26 experts from the prestigious jury, is the world’s largest coverage of the technical, sports and lifestyle related areas of the contest. In the international market, especially in the European market is highly authoritative. The Best Product 2017 and the High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, and Functionalality are recognized by Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer. Matrix once again won the most innovative brand MOST INNOVATIVE BRAND 2017 award. This award is at the end of all product awards by the professional jury selected products won the most awards and the most innovative brands, praised the development of the brand not only to provide innovative products rich consumer life, more market to provide a variety of Choose, or even change the existing market, to create a new look.

    TaiSPO Innovation Award, 2017

    TaiSPO Awards of Excellence and Merit Award was awarded during a 4-day extravaganza trade event, Taipei International Sporting Goods Show to selected outstanding products in the sporting goods industry. An event that serves as a one-stop shop for the fitness enthusiasts and professional sports buyers to have the first-hand privilege on the latest technology in store. Johnson Health Tech is one of the 11 companies which won the TaiSPO Innovation Product 2017 – Excellence Award through Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer. The S-Drive Performance Trainer are seen by industry experts as an advanced development trend of sports products, taking into account of its high performance.

    TOP HOTEL Star Award 2017 – Silver

    Matrix Rower get Germany’s most accredited hotel trade magazine, Top Hotel vote for the TOP HOTEL Star Award 2017 – Silver class award in Wellness category. The award was presented in 19 March 2017 in INTERNORGA Award ceremony (Germany’s largest and most professional hotel and catering trade exhibition). TOP HOTEL is a hospitality industry magazine issued by Freizeit-Verlag Landsberg, the largest hotel magazines publisher in Germany. They strive to recognize the outstanding achievements of the hotel supply industry to draw the best products for the hotel industry in 14 categories. More than 100 companies submitted their product advertising to nominate for one of the 14 categories (design, service, efficiency, food & beverage, flexibility, food concept, innovation, non-food, online, technology, usability, promotion, wellness, profitability). Only 3 products per category reached the final and were published in December 2016 magazine by the readers to vote in February. The event generate more than 4,000 public votes from readers to finally decide the 3 products in the assessment of gold, silver and bronze award. Matrix Rower unique eye-catching streamline design complemented by black and silver colours, not only complement with 5-Star hotel’s image, but also bring top level of the fitness experience to the quests. Looking at the voting activities, Matrix Rower is not only TOP HOTEL first choice rowing machine, but also have a very high popularity among public readers!

    iF Design Award, 2017

    JOHNSON Nest, a multifunctional foot massager won the 2017 iF Design Award; thuss become the first of the global massage goods and brands to receive a “IF Design Award” in its award history. The “iF Design Award” was founded in 1953 and is among the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world. This award is held annually by the iF International Forum Design GmbH. About 60 considerable design-experts from over 20 countries evaluate in a fair jury process and according established criteria the award winners. Such criteria involve Innovation and Elaboration, Functionality, Aesthetics, Responsibility and Positioning. For a company, winning an IF award can be the key to break into a new market – or getting valuable media attention and respect & take it to the next level. After nearly a year of rigorous development, Johnson Health Care Co., Ltd together with U designgroup come up with the design for JOHNSON Nest. Both company collaborated and fully committed to create the most comprehensive foot massager made exclusively for the human feet. Nest Patented Industry-Leading 3D Calf Massage Mechanism supporting kneading, rolling, and shiatsu by movements of up-down, depth-shallow, different speeds. Partnering with Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences, Nest equipped a sophisticated and advanced software programs for a delicate perfect massage such as 5 Auto modes: Sleep, Energize, Toning, Reflexology, and Calf only. “iF Design Award” jury panel approval of JOHNSON Nest show legs machine is more than just a multi-functional foot massager, it was designed with consumer utmost comfort as priority which lead research and development of the exclusive innovation program. High quality aesthetic design can be perfectly integrated into the home environment. The latest research and development of the warm dust cover (Chic Pad) keeps dust and dirt out of the foot-well as well as act as a cozy blanket that keeps the user’s feet warm. The control panel situated at the upper part of the massager is intuitive and align more with the eyesight of users for a easy-to-use function. JOHNSON Nest, in addition to a sophisticated functional design, cleverly integrated into each user’s home making it more like an ideal furniture while also delivering the perfect massage. JOHNSON Nest are currently available in 59 countries worldwide this year with more than 5,500 products sold!

    Taiwan Excellence Award, 1998-2017

    The 25th Taiwan Excellence Award was held at the Taipei International Convention Centre on 15th February 2017 with a total of 518 companies and 1,188 products entries had joined to compete and be evaluated by 90 professional judges. Two Johnson products, Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer and Matrix Rower had respectively won the Taiwan Excellence Award in the Recreation and Sports industry. The intense competition estimated only a 0.2% of winning chance. With over 50 Taiwan Excellence Award won by Johnson Health Tech products from 1998-2017, a special Achievement Award was given by the Department of International Trade Taiwan Bureau with Secretary, Yang Zhenni personally hand the award at Johnson Health Tech headquarters.

    Gold's Gym India - Supplier of the Year, 2017

    Johnson Health Tech is delight to announce Matrix brand had once again voted as Vendor of the Year (Best Supplier) at the Gold’s Gym India annual meeting. The award was received on behalf by CRAVATEX, Matrix India dealer. The 2017 conference was held in Hong Kong, with over 120 Gold’s Gym India franchisees participated in the vote and reaffirmed Matrix brand as one of the best fitness equipment manufacturer brand in India.

    Japan GOOD DESIGN (G-Mark) Design Award, 2016

    S-Drive Performance Trainer, which has been well received by critics and public alike since its inception was awarded the GOOD DESIGN (G-Mark) Design Award in Japan on October 2016. Good Design Award 2016 (Japan) marks the 4th design award win for Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer in Y2016. Together with Red Dot Design Award (Germany), iF Design Award (Germany) and International Design Excellence Awards (USA), the product had tied down the world’s 4 major design awards, became known as “Oriental design Oscar” reputation. Critics and public also pointed out that S-Drive Performance Trainer’s self-generating system makes it different from the existing products in the industry.

    American Fitness Equipment Professor Best Buy, 2016

    Matrix Retail tagline “Bring it Home” is not just all talk. The world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brand developed a new premium collection that allows fitness enthusiasts to experience the familiar health club experience at home. FIT PROF, Fitness Professor Review had awarded Matrix Fitness as their 2017 FIT PROF Brand of the Year award. Read below for the achievement Matrix Fitness had achieved in FIT PROF; Matrix Fitness joined the FIT PROF professional evaluation for the brand of the year award, effectively won “Brand of the Year Award 2017”. Matrix Commercial is a five time winner of “Best Commercial Cardio” for its manufacturing prowess and commitment to quality for their commercial product line. Matrix Retail have a total 10 products which won FIT PROF professional evaluation for the “Best Buy Bikes, Best Buy Cardio, Best Buy Upright”.

    ISPO Award, 2017

    ISPO organizers host the ISPO Global Design Award (ISPO Award) to honours the most exceptional sporting goods. A jury consisting of 49 well-known independent sports business professional from 13 different countries evaluates 540 participation entries in this year evaluation. The Health & Fitness segment only selected 5 Gold Winner Award and 6 Winer Award for the ISPO Award 2017. Johnson Health Tech once again stand out to achieve success with the Matrix Rower is the Gold Winner of ISPO Award 2017. Matrix Rower, a rowing strength-cardio machine, was unanimously praised: its design being highly innovative, a self-powered console offers an ultimate low-impact, full-body workout. Its smart design features a compact build, whisper-quiet operation, a smoother stroke, easy program adjustment and ten precise magnetic resistance levels. “We were impressed by the innovative design featuring a sturdy external frame and powerful, masculine styling. The quality components assure a smooth and natural movement.” (Aleks Tatic, Tatic Designstudio srl, Founder and Designer) Another Johnson products, the Horizon: Bike Citta BT 5.0 is Winner of ISPO Award 2017 in the health & fitness segment. The Citta BT 5.0 is an exercise bike with innovative frame, hidden pedal crank, adjustable console, and safety design for the entire family. The combination of sports, work and leisure design, integrated table board allows you to work side by side, or use the flat screen to browse web games and other entertainment.