Our Brands: Premium Equipment Ideal for Your Uniquely Healthy Goals


Strong, Smart, Beautiful

Matrix brand is mainly targeted at advanced commercial fitness equipment products, providing health club, five-star hotel with fitness center and other institutions required equipment. Matrix series products in the Chest Press won the Japanese G-Mark design awards, T7xe won the United States IDEA International Design Awards have been verified, it is synonymous with high quality, is the world’s most credible design awards. “Strong. Smart. Beautiful” has become the best adjective for the Matrix series.


Designed For Life

Horizon brand positioning to a reasonable price of the popular home fitness equipment products. From North America’s famous SEARS to Europe’s popular Decathlon and other marketing channels are well received, the majority of consumers enthusiastic response. Fit For Fun, a German professional sports fitness magazine, presented the Horizon Fitness Testwinner Award for recognition of the brand’s outstanding performance in running comfort.


It all starts with a vision

Vision brand since 1995 has won the United States “Best Buy” award a total of 50 times the award, by the US consumer magazine survey selection, recognition of high quality, high level of the best enterprise products. Vision brand in addition to the United States won the “Best Buy” award, and many times in the United States Health & Fitness exhibition was rated as the customer’s “best customer service” company.


Tempo Fitness is a vibrant and optimistic brand. Which gives the opportunity for the new generation of the city to experience a fun and full of energy at an affordable price.