Johnson Health Tech is a fitness, wellness, and health leader.

At Johnson Health Tech, we believe that change is good, but lasting transformation is great. That’s why we provide the very best guided experience at hundreds of no-pressure retail showrooms staffed by our passionate fitness experts. We’ll personalize your exercise plan, diet and nutrition while providing premium equipment ideal for your uniquely healthy goals. From small changes to complete lifestyle makeovers, we’ll take it one step at a time — together.





The Johnson Health Tech story began in 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan, where Mr. Peter Lo founded Johnson Metals. He earned his first client, Ivanko, by handwriting letters to hundreds of companies to offer his manufacturing services. Our modest beginning quickly gave way to two decades of aggressive investment and growth. During this time, Johnson emerged as a premier manufacturer for industry-leading fitness equipment companies. Early clients included Ivanko, Ross, Trek and others.


    The Early Years

  • At the time Peter Lo established his business, American companies were looking overseas for manufacturing support. Mr. Lo wanted to convey his ability to conduct business globally, and a nearby mountain named Xueshan gave him an idea. The name, formally pronounced “cha-sen” sounded similar to “Johnson,” which Mr. Lo knew to be a common name in Europe and North America. He liked the duality of it, so he called his company Johnson Metals.

  • The First Foundry

  • Situated in the same location where the Johnson Health Tech factory stands today in Taichung, Taiwan, the company’s first foundry produced weight plates to fulfill early orders.

  • The Logo

  • The Johnson logo bears both the Johnson name and a graphic representation of the Xueshan mountain near the Taichung, Taiwan headquarters.

  • Ivanko Barbells

  • These sketches represent the first barbell plates manufactured by Johnson Metals. Despite having little exposure to weightlifting equipment, Peter Lo accepted the order. He forged the plates in a small foundry and used his home for finish work. For a while, his living room served as a paint line.

  • The Lo Family

  • Founder Peter Lo with wife Cindy and children May, Jason and Theresa.


As Johnson Health Tech matured, the company evolved from being an equipment and original design manufacturer into a vertically integrated fitness powerhouse that owns all stages of production, distribution and sales. Better positioned to control cost and quality, we began winning market share across all channels and regions by offering better value to customers.



Today, we continue to drive the evolution of fitness and wellness with our award-winning products. We are focused on product technology and enhancements that improve the user experience. We are redefining fitness with our original group training products and signature programming designed to preserve and maximize health through all stages of life. Yet even as we strive to become the largest fitness and wellness company in the world, we never forget the vision and values that gave us our start and made us great.


Manufacturing Leadership

We own our factories and control manufacturing all the way from raw materials to finished products. This vertically integrated process enables us to realize greater value at each stage of production and pass those advantages along to our customers.


Industry-leading Portfolio

Matrix was launched in 2001 to bring premium fitness equipment to the marketplace. Fueled by cross-cultural collaboration, today Matrix offers a complete line of cardio, strength and group training equipment for health clubs, luxury resorts and collegiate athletic teams, plus club-quality equipment reimagined for the home.


An Ideal of Wellness

In 2006, Johnson Health Tech introduced a special Wellness division to help people live an altogether more comfortable life. Since its launch, the Wellness division’s portfolio has grown to include massage chairs and accessories, including cushion massagers, foot massagers, neck massagers and more. We partner with some of the most prominent names in the business including Panasonic and Fujiiryoki, and in 2017, a Johnson-developed foot massager earned an IF Design Award.


Matrix on the Move

In 2008 when the global economy was contracting, Johnson Health Tech instead invested heavily to fill out the Matrix lineup. New product development, exclusive partnerships and brand acquisitions — including Milwaukee-based strength equipment manufacturer Magnum — grew the portfolio from 56 products in 2007 to 129 in 2012 to an industry-leading 400 in 2015.


Retail Reach

As the number one specialty fitness retailer in the world, Johnson-owned retail operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas keep the company in close contact with customers on a daily basis.